Thames Mouth Chapter

No. 6994


Province of Essex - Consecrated 8th May 1954



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If you are an Essex Freemason aged 37 or under why not consider joining the Cornerstone Club? It’s a wonderful way for you to connect with young, like minded Freemasons across Essex. Members retain membership until they’re 40.


Joining us will open up a whole host of opportunities. Some of the benefits of the club include:




For Young Freemasons

Membership is rising by the day and that means you now have an instant connection with so many like-minded, similar-aged brethren from across our wonderful Province of Essex.


We select our monthly events to deliver a great blend of social, informative, educational and fun activities. If you have any event ideas, please get in touch! Also, if you have any skills that you might be able to put to good use to enhance the club, or the Province in general, we’d love to hear from you.


Have you purchased your exclusive Essex Cornerstone Club tie? It’s only available to

Club members and costs £15. Click here to purchase now:

- Exclusive events at wonderful locations with prominent Freemasons.


- Seminars and visits to Lodges in other Provinces.


- Informal social activities.


- Membership pack with exclusive merchandise.


- Access to our club group on our Provincial social media page, The Clube.


- Regular newsletter to stay connected.


- A fantastic way to socialise with Freemasons of your own age.


And more, you’ll find us at where you can join us, look around or simply ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you.